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The future is not a result of choices amongst alternate paths offered by the present, rather it is a place that is first created in the mind, next in the will and finally by activity.


This is the unofficial site that documents the history and development of Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield.

This site has no direct connections with the Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield Incorporated, the incorporated association which manages the airfield. This site has been set up and is maintained by a band of enthusists who believe in the future of the airfield and are dedicated to maintaining an accurate history of its development and the achievements made by people who use the airfield.

Users of the site may download content from the site, however credit must be given to the site. We do not warrant the absolute accuracy of information on the site, however we have used the principle of 'Best Endeavours' to try and ensure its accuracy.

Where copyright is reserved by the creators of some of the content on the site, then that right should be respected.

This site is always under construction and some detail may change in light of more accurate information