Air Chalet # 17

This air chalet sitre was sub-leased by Richard and Glenda Faint in 1999. A hangar was initially built with the intention of building the airchalet soon after, however as events panned out the air chalet construction took much longer to start than anticipated.

In September 2011 the image below was recorded.

Late in September 2011 building work on the construction of the residential portion of the Air Chalet commenced with the relocation of the water tank and the installation of a second tank. The tanks were sunk into the ground to get the ne3cessary fall to allow the collection of water from all the Air Chalet Roof.

As at November 2, 2011 (below)

and now the work is finished:

The image above was taken July 2013 and shows the efforts of Richard and Glenda in gardening. This would have to be the best garden that has existed at Watts Bridge so far.

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