Air Chalet # 30

This Air Chalet site was initially leased to Ross and Jan Stenhouse for a number of years. They didn't build on the site and subsequently assigned there lease to Mark and Jackie Bolsover.


Mark and Jackie had local builder, Kev Werner construct their Air Chalet in XXXXX.

Initially Mark and Jackie only had their DHC-2 Chipmunk hangared in the Air Chalet. The Chippy was WP981 when it was in RAF service. She was on Secondment to 4 AEF at Exeter in the mid 70,s and was in the RAF Red & White livery back then.


In June 2011, Mark and Jackie finally based their Cessna C177 at Watts Bridge. They had purchased the aircraft In the USA, however it was damaged whilst in a shipping container being transported to Australia.


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