Airfield Electricity Supply System

A number of options for the source for the supply of electricity were considered. Three possible sources were available. These were from:

  • the 11kV mains at the South-East end of the airfield;
  • the west of the airfield;
  • the South-West of the airfield along Silverleaves Rd

The management committee was concerned that the selected option should not interfere with the approach paths for the runways.

In a letter dated 6th August 1999 sent by the association treasurer and property manager, Ross Stenhouse, , the association informed the South East Queensland Water Board of its intention to extent the electricity system so that it supplied electricity to the various precincts. A drawing acompanied the letter.



On 28th October, Ross sent a letter to Energex requesting a meting with their representative Peter David to discuss the proposed extensions to the electricity supply network at the airfield. Interestingly the diagram which was attached shows some of the names of people who had purchased or were in the process of purchasing sites in the air chalet area.