History Over Time

Fortunately, there is a series of aerial photographs of the airfield.over the years showing the airfield with respect to time

Image above: 16 August 1942. At this stage the airfield was still under construction

Image above 1943. By this time, 5 SQN RAAF had been based at, operated from and departed the airfield to redeploy to Kingaroy.

Image above - 1 July 1945. Stilled owned by the RAAF, the airfield was under care and maintenance, but not active use by the RAAF.

Image Above 1956. Pretty much back to a grazing properity and back in civilian hands.

Image Above 1 Dec 1987. Late 1986 was the first time that what were the beginnings of WBMA had taken control over the land on which the airfield was situated. The boundaries had been negiogated, how the parcel of land had not been fenced. There were no buildings on the airfield at this early stage.As is very obvious the local grazier had subjected the land to very heavy grazing. Driving about the airfield was very easy as the ground had less than ten percent ground cover.

Image above 1 Aug 1988: WBMA had come into existance as an incorporated association and had build a tractor shed on the airfield close to the south-western intersection of the two runways.The airfield had also been fenced by this time.

Image above 1 June 1991. By this stage the runways had largely been bough back into operational condition, a number of very successful major flyins had held at the airfield and the airfield was starting to establish itself as a place to fly to from the surrounding airfields of Archerfield, Redcliffe, Caloundra and Caboolture.

Image above 3 April 1993. Hangar one was build during 1992 by WBMA members, Ross, Stenhouse, John Sinclair and Peter Woodruff. This was the first structure to be errected during the second life for Watts Bridge. Many people wondered why Ross, John and Peter build Hangar One and considered their move to be rather foolish. Ross, John and Peter were of the view that the airfield had a solid future and some needed to make the first move and construct something substantial.

Image Above 8 April 1995. By 1995 a second building had been constructed to house gliders. In more recent times, the structure has ceased to be a open-sided hangar and has become a shade shelter in a picnic area.

Image above 1997

Image above: 18 August 2001.

Image above 18 March 2002. Successive management committees worked hard to establish and maintain the runways/taxiways/aircraft parking areas in first class condition, In more recent times the WBMA management committee has lost site of the necessity to maintain this standard and the standard of aircraft operational surfaces has decreased considerably to a rather medocre state. as can be seen in the image below dated 2009. It has decreased significiently since that date.

Image above 11 June 2009

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