Public Toilet Blocks

Toilet blocks are a fundamental part of the management of an airfield. Much time is spent in management committes in discussions planning for them, maintaining them and replacing them. No other single item consumes more time.

At Watts Bridge in the late 1980's the airfield had what is known in Queensland as a "Thunder Box" - a small wooden building obtained from somewhere with "can" under the toilet seat. The contents of the "can" was burried in holes dug in some out of the way place about the airfield. It was not an uncommon occurance for a snake to be found within the building and of course the building had a healthy population of "Redback Spiders". Redbacks have a nasty bite, so with them and the snakes going to the toilet had that extra dimension.

It was a big step forwand to install a septic tank system connected to a transportable building with seperate male and female toilets and a shower.

As the number Air Chalets, Commercial Hangars and Clubhouse buildings (each with its own touilet facilities) has increased, then the demand on the public toilet blocks has reduced.

Photo Below: The original TB1. A great improvement over the old "Thunder Boxes" that served the airfield for the first few years of its development. It contained male, female toilets and a shower room.

Photos series below (June 2008)

In 2008, the association obtained a grant and replaced the public toilet block TB1 In the photo below work on construction progresses. In the foreground can be seen the septic tank which was used to service the old toilet block. It was a sad day in a way when the old septic tank was collapsed and filled in and the old transportable building removed from the airfield.

Photo below (June 2008) Rod Mills loads top soil into Peter Freemans tipper in order to remediate the ground around the new TB1 after construction.

Photo above shows the parking area being rolled by Rod Mills using the associations tractor and vibrating roller.

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