Trees about the Airfield

Ross Stenhouse tends a Tuckeroo tree at the read of Air Chalet # 31 (Jan 2006). The tuckeroo tree is native to the S.E Queensland Region, however is a rain forrest plant. The local natives used to journey to the Bunya Mountains to eat the fruit of these trees.

Photo Below (August 2010): The Tuckeroo tree at the rear of AC # 31, shot on a very windy day. The four years growth between the two photos is interesting. The poor soil and drought conditions experienced for three of the last four trees slowed down the growth of all the airfield trees.

Photo Below: Life member Ross Stenhouse tending the trees at rear of air chalet precinct. (Jan 2006)

Photo Below (August 2010) Trees (Casuatina cristata) at rear of Air Chalet Precinct .